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The Road to Maximizing State Funding

Non-public special education schools need every resource available to help their students achieve their goals. The best way to maximize the level of funding received is through a well-done Consolidated Financial Report (CFR). In order to prepare an accurate CFR, you must have a good accounting system in place and a successful audit. BIK & Co will conduct the audit necessary to help schools prepare the CFR. We have the experience to help create an environment that provides the tools to develop a CFR that is accurate, complete, and transparent.

Our Services That Make the Grade Include:

  • Audit of Statement of Functional Expenses
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Accounting Software Implementation & Training
  • Accounting Program Overview & Re-engineering
  • Audit of Program Revenues & Cost Assignment
  • Operations Support & Technology Decisions
  • Purchasing Reviews & Financial Policies
  • Special Projects

How We Support Clients

BIK & Co can become your auditor. We can also assist with accounting system installation, development of the chart of accounts and other steps up to the point where we need to remain independent in order to be able to conduct your audit. We understand the needs of non-public special education schools and have a significant number of them as audit clients. We know and understand that the CFR is the lifeline to obtain the funding needed by non-public special education schools and want to help you achieve your financial goals and compliance responsibilities.