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Gain an Edge

Our team provides ideas to help owners make progress toward goals and overcome obstacles. We look at your business from an accountant’s perspective, providing the technical support needed and then from the perspective of what would we do if we owned the company?

Our Offers

Let us demonstrate how we can help. These are no-cost offers with no obligation on your part. Relationships matter, but at some point if your business has outgrown the relationship or your accounting firm is just going through the motions, the hidden cost can be staggering. Do not let fees mislead the value your CPA provides.

Goal Setting & GAP Workshop. Need help setting goals? Let us do it with you. Our team will conduct a planning session to help identify goals and the obstacles that may exist for you. When we are done, we will create a GAP plan to help you get from where you are today to where you want to go.

Strategic Financial Review (SFR). Our SFR offer looks at the key financial metrics and interviews management about various aspects of the business. We discuss how your company compares to peer businesses and provide some insight on what some of our more innovative clients have done over the years to refine their operational performance. The SFR can be completed in less than a day with results typically available a week later.

Tax Diagnostic. Do you have a Tax Plan? If so, let us review your plan and the last few years of tax returns. BIK will review of your prior tax returns to identify whether deductions, credits or incentives may have been missed and to examine your tax strategy. There may be the potential for refunds or if you have been losing money, the potential for a larger carry forward loss to apply to upcoming profitable years.

Employee Benefit Plan Diagnostic. Are you using this plan to your fullest advantage? The benefit plan can often be one of the largest assets a company has to manage. Let our team take a look and walk you through some options. We audit a larger number of benefit plans and can help you look at your plan with a different set of eyes.

Exit and Succession Workshop. Thinking about selling in the next five years or less years or handing off the business to family? Time is a valued friend or a deadly enemy when looking at an exit strategy. Most businesses need to plan a few years ahead prior to leaving. Let us walk you through the process so you can determine if and how to begin the planning process.