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Financial Leadership

BIK & Co provides options. We bring the resources and training and a large team of professionals to your fingertips through our cost-effective, part-time Controller|CFO service. You will have one dedicated professional working with you (in your office and/or remotely as needed) who has the training, experience and backing of a mid-size CPA firm with significant depth.

Accounting, Reporting and Advice

Our primary role is to make sure you have a solid financial platform. Sometimes we walk in and just have to maintain what has already been established by your company. In other situations, we may need to come in and rebuild or refine the reporting process. Every business needs to have in place a strong financial system to be successful. We help you create that environment and then work with you as your financial advisor to help you keep focused on the part of the business you like to do best.

Our Services Include:

  • Becoming Your Trusted Business Advisor
  • Managing In-House Accounting and All of Your Accounting Processes
  • Conducting Tax Planning
  • Working with Banks and Debt Financing
  • Preparing Forecasts and Budgets
  • Developing Cash Flow Projections
  • Conducting “What If” Analysis
  • Becoming Your Partner Without the Baggage

Cost Effective Options

A full-time Controller or CFO is a valuable, but expensive professional. BIK & Co can provide that heightened level of financial skill at a fraction of the cost. We become the part-time solution that wastes no time. If you are growing, do you need (or can you afford) a full-time person? If you are a mature business and have a full-time Controller or CFO, do you still need someone to act in that role full-time? We can help you explore your options.