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Anti-Fraud & Post Fraud Discovery Support

Fraud can happen anywhere. Small businesses are both disproportionately victimized by fraud and notably under protected by anti-fraud controls, a dangerous combination. We can help by installing simple, cost-effective anti-fraud controls, such as training for staff or formal management review procedures.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

5. The average percentage of revenue every organization loses to fraud each year.
18. The number of months an average fraud occurs.
10/25. Internal perpetrators who have been with a company for 10 years conduct 25% of this crime.
87. The percentage of perpetrator’s who had no previous criminal record.
31. The percentage all fraud occurs in companies with less than 100 employees.
155. The median fraud lost occurrence is $155,000 for companies with under 100 employees.

Our Services Include:

  • Analysis of Contract Disputes
  • Fraud and Forensic Analysis
  • Fraud Risk Assessments (Ask for Details)
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Reports and Testimony
  • Forensic Accounting Examinations
  • Divorce Support
  • Search for Hidden Assets in a Domestic Dispute
  • Damage Calculations
  • IT Support, Data Recovery and Data Mining
  • Business Valuations

Forensic Accounting Support

In the event that a fraud has already occurred, some of the first steps are to determine:

  • Has the situation that allowed the losses to occur been stopped?
  • What is the extent of the damages?
  • What needs to be done in the future?

Surprisingly, businesses with less than 100 employees encounter a larger share of the losses. Two of the reasons that account for this; first, there are materially weaker internal controls and testing of these controls in smaller businesses, so there is more opportunity; second, there are a significantly greater number of businesses of this size.

What Are Some Signs of Potential Risk?

Below are examples of activities, but keep in mind there might be other reasons for people’s work habits:

  • Never takes a sick day or a vacation. They could be dedicated or they also can’t risk someone else looking at their activities. Even when they’re on vacation, nobody does their work.
  • They have expensive clothing and nice cars. They might have family money, their spouse might make a lot of money or they might be living beyond their means.
  • There are health issues in their family. Good people may be forced to make tough decisions if they need the money for medicine or other health treatment.

Some drivers that initiate fraud are substance abuse issues, gambling or shopping addictions, feeling underpaid or devalued in their job or just the fact that the opportunity was there and they took it. Please call us to discuss your organization’s controls and possible needs.