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Leave the Accounting to the Experts

Did you get in business to run an accounting department? Your time would be better spent running and growing your organization rather than worrying about the details of running an accounting department. BIK & Co’s Managed Accounting Services offer a variety of scalable solutions to help manage and enhance your accounting processes. Complete details are in our Managed Accounting Services overview document.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Becoming your entire accounting department
  • Managing in-house accounting personnel
  • Handling specific accounting group functions

Hand Crafted Solutions

Our team can become your in-house CFO|Controller or work with your in-house financial resources to handle the transactional processing inside the accounting department. We start with an assessment of your needs, which we do at no-cost. Our assessment will create a blueprint that we can use to determine your needs and help manage your costs. Our end goal is to provide insight, as well as timely and accurate reports. We eliminate the headache of hiring, firing and managing accounting staff, while remaining current on the extensive regulations.

The Benefits

BIK & Co’s Managed Accounting Services deliver the expertise of a team of efficient professionals, as opposed to hiring full-time accountants. With BIK & Co, you get accountants backed by an entire firm, without the cost of benefits, payroll, recruiting and training. Our professionals are involved in the accounting industry and trained on changing regulations and processes. We use the most advanced technology to enhance reporting processes and manage and analyze information. You can trust that your books are closed on time and reports are always accurate and up-to-date.

What Does “Outsourced” Mean?

To us, outsourcing is simply using experienced professionals only as needed to provide in-depth support and analysis at an affordable cost. At BIK & Co, all of our accounting staff are local and work both in our offices and yours. We are not on the other side of the planet. We become a part of your team, get to know your business and don’t just process transactions for you.

The Right Choice for Your Company

If you are still unsure how this model could benefit your business, meet with us. We will conduct a short assessment that will identify your goals and obstacles and create a solution that will best support your accounting functions. For details, please contact Tony Battaglia at 847.281.3209.